kluang Garrison map 1956

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63 Brigade Main Gate

The Main Gate entrance to 63 Gurkha Inf. Bde. at Kluang 1955.

Pan of kluang 1c of 4

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Pan. of kluang (1a of 4)

The following 4 images are panoramic views from left to right of Kluang aitfield taken from the hill above the garrison looking out towards the Whirlwind "Choppers" and 656 Sqdn. Auster A.O.P 9 spotter planes.

Personnel of 35 OFP. KLuang 1955

Having finished for the day on a Saturday lunch time, Personnel of 35 OFP on their way to their basha to have a shower, lunch and mybe a trip into kluang. Note Kluang Airfield in the background with 155 SQN. Whirlwind "Choppers" and 656 SQN. Austers spotter planes.

Pan of kluang 1d of 4

Our (Basha)living quarters is the one to the left centre of this image.

Pan of kluang 1b of 4

In the far distance in the right of the picture, vehicles of 35 OFP can be seen. To the right of these is the white tent which was used as the tyre stores. At a later date the unit moved farther to the centre of the airstrip away from the road for security reasons, subsequently enclosed within an illuminated prerimeter.

Inside Our Basha

Our living quarters when we were stationed at Kluang from late 1955 to aerly 1957. Quite comfortable after you got used to the OPEN-PLAN lay-out. As can be seen it had very good air circulation with ample space for the Mosquito's to get in and out.