Muar airstrip 1955 02

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Muar airstrip 1955 04

Airfield and landing strip as seen from 35 OFP Basha. Muar Garrison in the background.

Muar airstrip 05 1955

Part of the Muar Garrison in the background with the N.A.A.F.I. and medical centre in the middle of the picture. The grass Airstrip is in the foreground.

Muar airstrip 1955 03

Muar Garrison as seen from 35 OFP Basha. The airstrip is just beyond the Windsock.

WE557 Parked Muar 1955

WE557 Auster A.O.P. spotter plane Muar 1955

AOP 9s and an RAF President - Kluang 1956

Three Auster A.O.P.9s (Spotter Planes) of 656 Sqdn. WZ 703, WZ 709, WX 711 and an R.A.F. President, a passenger carring aircraft parked "online" - Kluang 1956

Muar airstrip 1955 04b

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Muar airstrip 1955 01

The following 5 images is a panoramic view of the Muar Garisson and looking across the grass airstrip, these were taken from 35 OFP living quarters which are known as Bashas and are made from "rustic" poles and palm leaves.

lost rudder

The damage was caused when, after a flight test the aircraft was about 20 Feet off the ground the engine started to misfire creating a "backlash" of the rotor which then severed the tail rotor. The author, after hearing the first misfire witnessed this incident from his mobile M.T. office.

President WV709

President WV709 Just landed with General Lemnitzer and Festing on board during thier visit to 63 Brigade at Kluang in 1956.

WE557 on take off muar 1955

WE557 Auster A.O.P. 6 (Air Observation Post) taking off from the airfeild at Muar on another sortie to look for a possible Helicopter landing site in the jungle or to search for C.T. camps.

Football on the Airstrip

35 O.F.P. Personnel having a game of football on the airstrip, at the same time keeping a watchful eye for any aircraft coming in to land.Part of the Muar Garrison in the background.