A property of the Sultan of Johore

The personnel of 35 O.F.P. were Billeted here for several weeks until quarters were available in the nearby garrison at Muar. The interior of this building was mainly of Marbel, the ultimate in luxury although we did have Army issue beds etc. and were confined to a part of the ground floor.

The UNION JACK CLUB- Singapore

Union Jack club in Singapore 1954. Many a service man has spent time here on "Leave". A wellcome break after spending time in the "ULU" (Jungle). To have a hot bath of all things was a something of luxury instead of the usual shower in a makeshift tin shed with limited hot water.

Adelphi Hotel. Singapore 1956

Waiting for notes

Telok Ayer Basin. Singapore 1956

Telok Ayer Basin taken from the top of the Asia Insurance building.

Keppel Harbour. Singapore 1956

In the distance Keppel Harbour and Empire Docks and Raffles Quay, taken from the top of the Asia Insurance building. At the time in 1956 it was the tallest building in Singapore. Just out of the picture to left is the Telok Ayer Basin.

The Sultans palace at Muar

35 O.F.P. Personnel stayed here for several weeks. Note the units vehicles in the background.

The Sultans Palace at MUAR

The road from the Sultans palace (on the left) to MUAR town, about 1 mile farther on.

Adelphi Hotel

The Adelphi Hotel on the corner of Coleman street and North Bridge road

Raffles Place

Raffles Place. In the centre of the picture is Robinsons Department store which was burnt down in 1973.

New building construction 1956

New buildings being constructed. Looking out towards H.M.Prison.

Clifford Pier and Collyer quay. 1956

Clifford Pier on the waterfront of Collyer quay. The biulding in the left of the picture is that of the Mansfield & Co. Ltd.

Robinson road

Robinson road from the roof of the Asia Insurance building. Singapore railway station is in the distance.

The Bank of China

In the middle distance is the Bank of China, second tallest biulding in Singapore, picture taken from the Asia Insurance buildind which was the tallest in 1956. In the distance is the spire of St. Andrews Cathedral.

The Bank of China Singapore 1956

The Bank of China in Singapore. At the time the second tallest building.

Queen Elizabeth Walk. Singapore 1956

Queen Elizabeth walk at the end of which is the Anderson Bridge which spans the Singapore river, the large building to the left is Singapores general post office. Note the Bank of China dominating the skyline

Junk under tow Singapore river 1956

Junk under tow on the Singapore river looking upstream.