221 VEH. BTN.

Living quarters 221 Veh. Btn. Majeedi.

Living quarters at Majeedi for 221 personnel 1954. These barracks were built by the Sultan of Johore for his Military Forces prior to WW2.

Queue for Xmas dinner 221 Veh. Btn. 1954

Personnel of 221 waiting to go into the canteen for their Xmas dinner 1954. Author unknown.

221 Living quarters

Looking down the corridor in one of the living quarters at 221 Vehicle Battalion.

Vehicles waiting to be deliered to 221 VB Park.

Vehicles waiting to be delivered to 221 Vehicle Battalion Park at TEBRAU. Other vehicles in the picture are Austin Tilley, Dodge 1 ton, Humber Staff car, Scammel recovery Tractor and Bedfod OY cargo. Picture taken fron first floor living quarters MAJEEDI Barracks.

Diamond T

This Diamond T of 221 V.B. Convoy Sect. is on its way to Singpore docks to collect vehicles which are Damaged or "non-runners" and take them to the vehicle park at TEBRAU for a rebuild or put into storage.

Scammell towing a Tasker Trailer

1954 Scammell Exsplorer towing a Tasker 20 ton Low Loader trailer and returning to the vehicle park at TEBRAU, on the trailer is a Land Rover which is either damaged or a non-runner it will be repaired and returned to military use. (Note the "split-Screen" Morris Minor behind). This vehicle is beleived to have been driven by Pte. CODY who was a footballer of some repute and played in the 221 team and the Corps. More detail would be appreciated.

Boot boy. 221 Veh. Btn. 1954

Your boots/shoes could be cleaned for the payment of one and a half Malay dollers (3 shillings and 6 pence) per week (about 32p).

A worthy winner - Singapore 1955

One of the athletes receivjng his winners medal after the meeting between 221 Veh. Btn. Majeedi Barracks and 30 Btn. Keet-Tong.

The Trophy presentation - Singapore 1955

The Trophy being presented to the winner of the athletics match between 221 Veh.Btn. and 30 Btn Keet-tong


Prize presentation from a pretty lady.

Morning Tea in bed. Xmas 1954

On Xmas morning it was a custom to have morning tea laced with Rum. Here the author is having his in bed, brought to him by his platoon Sargent. Christmas 1954 at 221 Vehicle Btn.

New ALVIS Saracens 1954

The first batch of the new Mk.1 ALVIS Saracens to be delivered to the Far East are now waiting to be moved to the Vehicle park at TEBRAU, in the state Johore, Malaya which is north of Johore Bahru. Other vehicles it the picture are, rear end of a Standard Vanguard Mk1, Dodge 1 ton, Scammel recovery Tractor, A.E.C. Matador and Humber 4x4 Staff car. These vehicles have been parked-up overnight at Majeedi Barracks having been collected from Singapore docks the previous day.

Sports day 02

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Sports day 03

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Sports day 04

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Colleague and Ray Gipson 1954

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Road into 221 Veh. Btn. 1954

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Main Road From 221 VB Billet 1954

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From road to 221 VB Billet 1954

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From 221 VB Billet 1954134

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Road into 221 Veh. Btn. 1954

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From 221 VB Billet 1954

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Diamond T and Layland Hippo

Diamond T of 221 Veh.Btn. returning from Singapore docks with a MK 1 Layland Hippo in "Rigid" tow and heading back to the vehicle park at TEBRAU, there it will be repaired and put into storage. It will be reasigned to another unit as and when required. IWM Ref: HU 51350

221 Officers Xmas 1954

Col. Wiggins with Officers and senior NCO's during the 1954 Xmas dinner at 221 Veh. Btn.