Steam Loco. Malay Railroad

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MUAR River Ferry- 1955

The only way to cross the Muar river was by this ferry. As can be seen, the boat is tied to the side of the ferry which is no more than a floating platform. Military vehicle had priority over all other trafic.

Village Check Point

A check point when entering a town or village. These were manned mainly by the Malay Police who checked the vehicles and occumants to make sure no arms or food was being passed to the C.Ts. Note the wire fencing, this would be all round the village.

Armoured rail car

Armoured Rail cars travelled in the front of the trains during the journey up to the "sharp End" and Burma, they helped to deter any possible ambushes by the CTs. Note- There is/was only one railway line up through Malaya from Singapore and through to Burma.

Singapore causeway blown up

During the retreat ln 1942 from malaya into Sinapore the causeway was blown up by retreating forces, the resulting gap can be seen in the centre of the picture. The gap created by this explosion was spanned by a "BaILEY" bridge which was still inplace in 1957. See above photograph. (Picture credit- wilipedia)

J.B..Customs 1956

Johore-Bahrau Customs 1956. Located just before crossing the Causeway into Singapore. Note to left of centre is the "BAILEY" Bridge which spanned the gap which was created after this part of the causeway was blown-up during WW11.See photocraph below.