Our Basha Muar 1955

Having stayed several weeks in the "Sultans Villa" our living quarters was in this Basha. We where in that untill we were transfered to Kluang.Our Basha at Muar was on "Stilts" as it was very close to the Muar River which was subject to flooding. A "Basha" was constructed with wooden poles of about 2-4 inches in diameter, similar to the "Rustic" poles we can buy today from the Garden Centre, these were used for the main frame. The roof was made up from smaller diameter poles fitted verticaly with the "Palm leaf" thatch tied to these. The Palm leafs were split in half down the centre then tied to the vertical poles. The sides had a 6 inch gap at the bottom and about 15 inches at the top with a 18 inch roof overhang together with no doors so there was plenty of room for air to flow through.

63 Bde Signals

63 Brigade Signals Centre.

Muar airstrip 01

The following 5 panoramics are taken from our Basha looking across the airstrip towards the Garrison buildings.

Muar airstrip 02

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Muar airstrip 04

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Muar airstrip 05


Percy talking to a grass cutter

The grass around the airstrip and landing strip were cut by local "Grasscutters" on a regular basis.

The Villa

We were stayed in the "Villa" for several weeks until a Basha was avaiable within the Garrison

Our Store Bins at rear of Villa

Our "store-Bins" parked up at the rear of the Villa awaiting our transfer to the main Garrison.

Percy C

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Our Basha Muar 1955

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Riffle range at Muar

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In the thick of it

A Jungle patrol hacking their way through thick vegetation.

Captain Wright adj. 63 Gurgha inf. Bde.

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Captain Wright ad.j 63 Gurkha Bde.

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In the Butts (Riffle Rang)

John Bottomley about to raise the Target Board ready for another spell of target practice. This Riffle Range was located on the outskirts of Muar.