Images and text recording the activities of an RAOC supply unit serving in the Malayan emergency "OPERATION FIREDOG"

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Having completed my military basic training at No 2 Tng. Btn. and drivers training at No 4 Tng. Btn. on trucks and tanks in May 1954 I was then posted to 221 Veh. Btn. Tebrua, in south Johore,Malaya. I served there until I was selected for transfer to a new unit being formed, 35 O.F.P. (35 Independent Infantry Brigade Ordinance Field Park) at 30 Btn. R.A.O.C. Keet tong in May 1955.

This unit was located on the western side of Singapore Island and consisted of B.o.Rs. these personnel were selected from various units of the R.A.O.C. within SINGAPORE DISTRICT and MALAYA COMMAND. At a later date M.o.Rs. were assigned to the unit.

Having moved up from Singapore to 7 F.O.D., Kuala Lumper, it covered that area for a short time later moving down to Muar and finally Kluang in the state of Johore.

The unit came within the command of 17 Gurkha Div. and was attached to 63 Gurkha Infantry Brigade. It was equipped with variety of vehicles, consisting of "Mobile store Bins", these carried a comprehensive range of vehicle and small arms spare parts, General purpose Cargo vehicles for transporting these spares to various Infantry units in the surrounding area together with smaller passenger carrying transport.

An armed escort was often required when going into the "Black" area (an area where CT activity was still apparent) for the distribution of spares.

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